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Junior Olympic 4-Day Tournament Pass

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USA Fencing Spectator Code of Conduct 2018-19 Season

As a spectator and supporter of the sport of fencing, I understand that it is my role to help creative a
positive and supportive environment for everyone involved in a tournament – both on and off the
I will:
Display good sportsmanship by respecting athletes, coaches, referees, officials and other
Act appropriately and remain orderly so I do not disturb the smooth running of the
competition. I will remember to enjoy the competition – regardless of the outcome – and will
not taunt or disturb other spectators.
Abide by all applicable USA Fencing rules and regulations, including USA Fencing’s
SafeSport Policy, Athlete Handbook and Rulebook.
Support the referees and coaches by trusting their judgment and integrity. I understand that
continually vocalizing criticism so that it detrimentally affects the good order of the competition
is a violation of fencing rules.
Be a role model by positively supporting athletes and not shouting instructions or criticism to
the athletes, coaches or officials.
Help provide a safe and fun environment for all participants.
Encourage all competitors in a positive manner, remembering that the use of profanity and
objectionable gestures are offensive and are prohibited.
Be supportive after the competition – win or lose. I will recognize good efforts and sportsmanship.
I acknowledge that failure to comply with the USA Fencing Spectator Code of Conduct may result in
removal from the venue or other disciplinary action. I understand its requirements and agree to abide by
the letter and spirit of the Code.

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