The Fencing Center RJCC

The Fencing Center, 1290 S 1st Street

Tournament Date
Dec 4 - 5, 2021
San Jose, CA
Tournament Details

If you cannot comply with all of the rules and guidelines, do not register for this tournament.

The Regional Junior Cadet Circuit (RJCC) is designed to promote and develop strong regional tournaments for Junior/Cadet aged fencers who seeks competitive opportunities beyond the local and division levels but below the NAC Junior/Cadet levels.

For point standings calculation information please refer the Athlete Handbook


The Bout Committee must use the current rating and points information found on the USFA website for seeding purposes. Please verify that your rating and points standing are correct with the USFA, and contact the National Office to resolve any discrepancies prior to the tournament.

Eligibility Information:

Fencers competing must be current competitive members of the US Fencing Association, registered with the USFA. To become a member or renew your membership, please visit Link

Please note that all memberships expire on July 31st, so if you have not renewed since July 31st you are not a current member. If you do not have a membership at check-in, you will be required to sign up for one on the day of the tournament.

Your USFA membership card with BARCODE will be checked during check-in, so please make sure you have it with you!

Fencers must follow the age and classification restrictions set forth by the USFA. These restrictions can be found here: Link

Uniform Requirements:

All USA Fencing uniform requirements apply. This includes the mandatory use of knickers, long socks, and underarm protectors. Names are NOT required to be on the uniform.

Equipment check:

The Armory Equipment Check will test the mask, lame (as appropriate), saber cuffs, head cords, and body cords.

Items that have passed inspection will be specially marked, and directors will be checking for these marks prior to the start of fencing. Full Armory Equipment Check is required for all competitors, with no exceptions. Fencers only need to have their equipment passed once for the duration of the Tournament.

  • Equipment Pre-Checks on Friday, December 3rd from 6 to 8 pm. It is recommended that if you are competing on Saturday Morning, please come and get your equipment checked beforehand to allow the events to start on time. Equipment checks will also happen throughout the weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the number of Registrations, the schedule may be adjusted.

COVID-19 Protocol

  • Do NOT come to the competition if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. Let's keep our community safe.

We are following all National, State, and local COVID-19 guidelines. There will be no exceptions to COVID-19 safety protocols implemented throughout the tournament.

Changes to the COVID-19 protocols and the tournament may be changed at any time to ensure the safety of all.

  • Face Masks Face masks covering the nose and mouth are required for all sanctioned tournaments and must be worn at all times in the venue.

  • Check-In: Check-in for our tournaments will be performed inside the front entrance of the club. Hand sanitizer will be available at the check-in desk. The competitors will check in via FencingTime kiosk software. Fencers will need a current USA Fencing Membership Card (Printed or via Cell Phone).

  • FENCING BAGS Please limit the amount of equipment you bring to the tournament. Strip bags/small bags you can carry with you are recommended to limit the contact between fencers.

  • All Fencers must come dressed in freshly washed Fencing Uniforms (i.e. fencing pants (breeches), plastron, jacket, chest protector- if using). Changing rooms will not be available.

  • Coaches and ONE parent will be allowed into the venue.

  • No shaking hands or touching hands/hugging after bouts. Fencers will be required to Salute and clap blades at the end of the bout.

  • Athletes shall refrain from shouting and/or screaming after scoring a touch. During the fencing, fencers will receive yellow/red cards for this behavior based upon the “disturbing order” rule.

  • No signing score sheets, fencers will visually inspect and approve score sheets. 

  • Maintain social distancing inside the venue, except while actively fencing on the strip.

  • Pool and Strip Assignments will be posted ONLINE to avoid congregation. Wifi will be available so you can follow the live results. Fencing Time Live

  • All who wish to enter TFC will be required to show proof of Vaccinations (must have both Doses + 14 days) or a Negative PCR COVID Test within 72 hours of your event. If you are fully Vaccinated - There is no need for the COVID Test. Digital versions will be accepted.

Venue Information: The event will be held at: The Fencing Center, 1290 South 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95110

For directions, visit Link

Equipment Sales: Alliance Fencing Equipment will be available for purchase.

Food: We will have healthy snacks available for purchase.

Event Fee Info

Registration fees will not be refunded. After the closing of Registration (1 week before the event) NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED for Event Fees.

During the Open Registration Period, 100% of the event fee will be refunded if the bout committee is contacted (Heath Winer) with a refund request, Please include Fencer's Name, USA Fencing Number, and Event Names.

Refunds will be processed 4 to 6 weeks after the tournament.

Fees are set and exceptions cannot be made. Please make your registrations early to avoid complications.

Officials/Referee Info

If you are available to Referee please contact the Hiring Referee: Click Here to Contact Justin Meehan.

Head Referee: TBD

Transportation Details

Due to limited Parking in the area. We are recommending that you use UBER or Lyft.

We have VERY LIMITED Parking spaces at our Venue and we have arranged for overflow parking at the (Sun Garden Shopping Center (a quick 6 min walk)).

Please Note: There is no street parking on South 1st Street. You will be ticketed!!!

PLEASE BE KIND TO OUR NEIGHBORS!!!! DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS on Hollywood Avenue. This is the street where they live, would you want someone to take up al of your parking?

The nearest airport is San Jose Int'l Airport (SJC).

Recommended Hotel: Convention Center Inn and Suites 475 S 2nd St, San Jose, CA 95113-2710 Call for Reservations: 408-295-5558

Mention: The Fencing Center for $95.00/night Single Bed or $149.00/Night Double Bed Special Pricing

Other Nearby Hotels:

  1. Pacific Motor Inn. 455 S 2nd St, San Jose, CA 95113 US

Distance to Airport: San Jose International Airport (SJC) - 4.8 miles San Francisco International Airport (SFO) ~ 37 miles Oakland International Airport (OAK) - 46 miles

Distance to Venue: 1.2 Miles

Hotel Elan 1215 S. First Street, San Jose, California 95110 866-573-4235

Distance to Airport: San Jose International Airport (SJC) - 5 miles San Francisco International Airport (SFO) ~ 30 miles Oakland International Airport (OAK) - 33 miles

Distance to Venue: 450 ft.

San Jose Marriott 301 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113 408-280-1300

Distance to Airport: San Jose International Airport (SJC) - 4.5 miles San Francisco International Airport (SFO) ~ 44 miles Oakland International Airport (OAK) - 37 miles

Distance to Venue: 1.6 Miles

Four Points by Sheraton San Jose Downtown 211 S First Street, San Jose, CA, 95113 United States 866-539-9234

Distance to Airport: San Jose International Airport (SJC) - 3.4 miles San Francisco International Airport (SFO) ~ 45 miles Oakland International Airport (OAK) - 40 miles

Distance to Venue: 1.2 Miles

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    Saturday, December 4

    Cadet Men’s Foil (CDTMF)
    8:00am Close of Registration
    Possible B2
    Entrants 66
    66 Official Competitors
    Junior Women’s Saber (JNRWS)
    8:30am Close of Registration
    Possible B2
    Entrants 26
    26 Official Competitors
    Junior Men’s Epee (JNRME)
    11:00am Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    Entrants 72
    72 Official Competitors
    Cadet Men’s Saber (CDTMS)
    2:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible Not Rated
    Entrants 28
    28 Official Competitors
    Cadet Women’s Epee (CDTWE)
    2:30pm Close of Registration
    Possible C2
    Entrants 51
    51 Official Competitors
    Junior Women’s Foil (JNRWF)
    5:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    Entrants 37
    37 Official Competitors

    Sunday, December 5

    Junior Men’s Foil (JNRMF)
    8:00am Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    Entrants 73
    73 Official Competitors
    Cadet Women’s Foil (CDTWF)
    8:30am Close of Registration
    Possible C2
    Entrants 34
    34 Official Competitors
    Cadet Men’s Epee (CDTME)
    1:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    Entrants 71
    71 Official Competitors
    Junior Men’s Saber (JNRMS)
    2:30pm Close of Registration
    Possible B2
    Entrants 31
    31 Official Competitors
    Junior Women’s Epee (JNRWE)
    4:30pm Close of Registration
    Possible B2
    Entrants 53
    53 Official Competitors
    Cadet Women’s Saber (CDTWS)
    5:30pm Close of Registration
    Possible Not Rated
    Entrants 24
    24 Official Competitors
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    USA Fencing regional events follow the codes of conduct set by USA Fencing. Please carefully read the codes of conduct for spectators, coaches and members.

    USA Fencing regional events follow the SafeSport and Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies as approved by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

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    All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

    Registration Opens
    Oct 24, 2021 9:00am PST
    Entry Deadline
    Nov 14, 2021 11:59pm PST
    Late Entry Deadline
    Nov 28, 2021 11:59pm PST
    Classification Change Deadline
    Nov 27, 2021 11:59pm PST
    Tournament Start
    Dec 4, 2021 12:00am PST
    Tournament End
    Dec 5, 2021 12:00am PST