Richard F Oles Memorial Charm City Classic (ROC) - Reg Open 11/11

Academies of Fencing in Baltimore Inc, 1120 N Rolling Rd Catonsville

Tournament Date
Dec 12 - 13, 2020
Catonsville, MD
Tournament Details

Registration is limited to fencers from Region 6 Only

COVID-19 Guidelines (Subject to Change) - Read Carefully
• This tournament is subject to Maryland state and Baltimore county laws and orders regarding COVID-19, including assembly of persons
• COVID-19 Protocols will be implemented throughout the whole tournament. There will be no exceptions. IF YOU CAN'T COMPLY DO NOT REGISTER. IF YOU ARE SICK DO NOT ATTEND.
• Self-monitor and be symptom-free for at least 14 days prior to tournament. Stay home if you have had close sustained contact in last 14 days with anyone who was sick or known or believed to have COVID-19. Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well.
• If the tournament is cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns or by the order of USA Fencing, a refund will be issued to all fencers except for admin fees.
• A temperature check will be taken before you enter the fencing room. Covid screening questions must be answered.
• Fencers are advised to wash their clothes each day before they come to tournaments. Armorers have the full right to decline checking unwashed or uncleaned equipment
• Equipment Check will be open only on the day of your event
• Fencers to come to the venue semi-dressed up with knickers, socks and shoes on. No change of clothes in locker or restrooms is permitted.
• All events will be capped, and entry is on a first-come first-served basis - NO EXCEPTIONS. Once the tournament has filled to the capped amount, a wait list will begin. When an athlete withdraws from the event the next person on the wait list will then have 48 hours to officially register for the event and pay event fees.
• Fencers 17 and under may be accompanied by ONE person, whether it's a parent, coach, etc. Multiple fencers from the same family competing at the same time does not mean an additional spectator.
• Fencers 18 and over may not bring an additional person. However, if several adult fencers from the same club would like a coach, they will be permitted one coach per club. The club must send a request with the coach’s name to by Monday, December 7th, 2020.
• Everyone in the venue must wear a face mask that covers nose and mouth except when eating and/or drinking. There are no exceptions. If you are unable to wear a face mask stay home.
• No food or drink will be sold in the venue. Bring your own water/drink and DO NOT SHARE.
• No parents, coaches, or spectators are allowed in the designated fencing area. NO EXCEPTIONS. However, only one coach is allowed to assist a fencer during DE bouts. Coach will stand in a clearly designated area and will be instructed not to step out of this area until the bout ends. Violators will be escorted out of the venue immediately.
• Only fencers are allowed on the fencing floor, and must stay behind the strips all the times, except for the times they are fencing.
• Fencers are not allowed to touch the scoring machine, weights, shims, remote and scoresheet. Fencers must review the score sheet or DE slips and the referee will sign for them.
• Fencers to refrain from shaking hands after bouts, salutes are mandatory
• Fencers to refrain from shouting or screaming after scoring a touch.
• When you have finished fencing in your event, please gather up your belongings quickly and leave the building immediately. You may not stay and socialize
• Anything left at the end of the day (Lost & Found) will be thrown out.
• There may be additional instructions related to COVID-19 safety measures. We will keep this webpage updated and we will send a mass email to all participants with all instructions prior to the tournament.

Coaches, Parents, Guardians - you must contact before Monday December 7, 2020 to obtain Covid screening form and waiver. You will be issued a pass. No one without a pass will be allowed in the venue.

Transportation Details

Nearby Hotels

Holiday Inn Express - Baltimore West / Catonsville
Hampton Inn - Baltimore/Woodlawn
Quality Inn - Windsor Mill

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    Saturday, December 12

    Division IA Women’s Foil (D1AWF)
    8:00am Close of Registration
    Possible Not Rated
    Spots Remaining: 28
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Entrants 0
    Division IA Men’s Foil (D1AMF)
    1:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible Not Rated
    Spots Remaining: 23
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Entrants 5
    Division IA Men’s Saber (D1AMS)
    5:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible Not Rated
    Spots Remaining: 16
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Entrants 0
    Division IA Women’s Saber (D1AWS)
    5:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible Not Rated
    Spots Remaining: 16
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Entrants 0

    Sunday, December 13

    Division IA Men’s Epee (D1AME)
    8:00am Close of Registration
    Possible A1
    Spots Remaining: 12
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Entrants 16
    Division IA Women’s Epee (D1AWE)
    1:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible Not Rated
    Spots Remaining: 23
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Entrants 5
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    USA Fencing regional events follow the codes of conduct set by USA Fencing. Please carefully read the codes of conduct for spectators, coaches and members.

    USA Fencing regional events follow the SafeSport and Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies as approved by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

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    Registration Opens
    Nov 11, 2020 9:00am PST
    Entry Deadline
    Dec 7, 2020 11:59pm PST
    Late Entry Deadline
    Dec 9, 2020 11:59pm PST
    Tournament Start
    Dec 12, 2020 12:00am PST
    Tournament End
    Dec 13, 2020 12:00am PST