Garden State RJCC - Reg Opens 9/15

New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center

Tournament Date
Nov 6 - 8, 2020
Edison, NJ
Tournament Details

**Updates as of 10/17/20:** **Venue change: The new location is the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center, 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison, NJ 08837** **Face covering rules: Fencers will be required to wear surgical or cloth face covering while fencing underneath their fencing masks. This means all people inside the building must have face coverings at all times, covering both the nose AND mouth, no exceptions.** **Anyone (fencer, parent, coach) who is not correctly wearing a face covering that covers both the mouth AND nose will be asked to leave the facility and scratched from the event.** **Some start times have been adjusted in the interest of minimizing overlap between events. Please verify your event's start time.** ---- Capping: Online registration for all events of the Garden State RJCC will open on September 15th 2020 at 12:00 p.m. ET. Registrations for each event in this tournament will be capped in order to maintain compliance with local health and safety regulations and occupancy restrictions. We based our caps on historical data from previous RJCCs. If other events do not max out, we will try to rearrange the schedule so that we can add more spots to other events that have reached capacity. Also, if the state changes their guidelines on capacity, we will increase. See below for a list of events and the cap for registrations of each. JWE - 56 JWF - 56 CMF - 70 CWE - 42 CME - 56 CWF - 56 CMS - 56 CWS - 56 JMF - 118 JME - 118 JMS - 63 JWS - 42 The regular fee deadline for the tournament will be October 16th, 2020. Late registration will be open until November 2nd, 2020 at triple fees. If you need to withdraw, make the request via email **before** October 17th, 2020. Event fees will be refunded. Registration fees are not refundable. **COVID-19:** After careful consideration, we are implementing the following changes to our normal tournament operation. ONLY Region 3 fencers can register for this event. No private changing areas will be available. Athletes are to come in clothing suitable for public display and to wear underneath their fencing uniforms. No water fountain use will be available. Bottled water will be for sale, or you can bring your own water bottles. Do not stretch, sit or recline on or around fencing strips, where viruses exhaled during competition might settle. Avoid gathering at monitors and usual waiting around in venue. Fencers will not touch or sign score sheets after each bout. - The referee may show each fencer the scoresheet after the bout for verification. - Once verified, the referee should sign or initial the sheet to acknowledge it as final for the athletes and send back to Bout Committee. Award ceremonies: No gathering for photos. A single professional photographer will be on staff to take the photos, which will be posted on our Facebook page, and a link with high resolution files will be emailed after the tournament. **Only ONE guardian per fencer may enter the competition area.** This means one parent, one coach, OR one other adult. We have carefully scheduled the events and done the math to allow for the most fencers possible in the space. That means we absolutely must have your cooperation in this. Please, if you have a coach for your child at the event, wait outside the competition area so that everyone can have as safe an experience as possible. NO SPECTATORS in the competition area. **Mask must be worn indoors and correctly (covering mouth AND nose) at all times.** This includes while actively fencing. Anyone who cannot wear a mask **correctly** at all times will be asked to leave. No exceptions, no warnings. Please maintain a distance of 6 feet or greater whenever possible from the people around you. We have rented a larger space than normally necessary to allow us to place the strips extra far apart and make maintaining social distance easier. Thank you for your cooperation. ----- Garden State RJCC Presented by Hub City Fencing Academy November 6-8, 2020 Venue: New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison, NJ 08837 Schedule of events is subject to change so please check here and your email the day before your event to confirm the correct close of registration time. We STRONGLY recommend leaving your day open in case we need to change an event time. Refunds will not be available after the withdrawal deadline in the event of a time change, so please keep your schedule for that day open. Arriving 1 hour before your event time is recommended to allow for lines at registration and equipment check before warming up. Equipment from Absolute Fencing Gear will be for sale. Concession stand will be open during tournament. USA Fencing: Competitive membership to USA Fencing is required. Please bring proof of membership when you check in. Sign up here in advance: Liability waiver: Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of the USA Fencing and other applicable rules instituted by Hub City Fencing Academy. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release the USA Fencing and its sponsors, Hub City Fencing Academy, and referees from any liability. You acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic and that participating in any activities comes with an inherent risk of transmission. With entry you give consent to Hub City Fencing Academy to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. Photography, filming, recording, or any other form of media of the athlete during the tournament can be used by Hub City Fencing Academy and USA Fencing. Those wishing to opt out of media coverage must inform the Bout Committee. Equipment Requirements: This USA Fencing tournament will be governed by USA Fencing rules. All fencers must wear thick socks to the knee, knickers (fencing pants), a plastron, chest protection (women), a jacket, a lame (foil/sabre), a mask (electric for sabre/foil) and a glove (electric glove or cuff for sabre). Bring 2 electric weapons and 2 sets of body/mask cords. Visor masks are not permitted. Y10 fencers must fence with #0 or #2 blades (blades cannot be longer than 32 inches). USA Fencing rules apply. Equipment check for masks, lames, jackets, gloves, sabre cuffs, and body/mask cords will be open at 3pm on Friday, 6:30am on Saturday and 6:30am on Sunday. There will be one entrance to equipment check. Please look for the "enter here" sign to get in line. All pool / strip information will be updated in real time online. To help with social distancing, no information will be posted on paper or displayed on monitors. All fencers may check the information they need from their phones at the website. The link will be emailed shortly before the tournament. **Please text 908-248-2232 if you need the medic or an ice pack.** Include your location (eg. strip number, or other easy information to locate you). Multiple people on staff, including the medic, will receive the information simultaneously and work to get to you as quickly as possible. We hope this will make any incidents less stressful by not having to leave your fencer to get the medic's attention. Please "like" our page at to see professional photos from bouts and the medal ceremonies. Finally, please read ALL of the following about getting your age verified in the tournament system and what documents you'll need to bring. Seriously, please read this entire message to make sure that you or your fencer is birthdate verified to compete at this tournament. ALL COMPETITORS MUST BRING A COPY OF THEIR USA FENCING MEMBERSHIP CARD TO SHOW THAT THEIR MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENT. A paper copy can be obtained by logging into your membership at with your membership number or username.  Sign in, then go to “My Account” and go to the “Personal Information” box. Click on “My membership card” and download a paper membership card that can be printed out. Check to see if you are birthdate verified on your membership card. Above the USA Fencing seal of your membership card it says: DOB Verified. If it says “Y” you are verified, if it says “N” you are not. Because this is an age specific event, if your USA Fencing membership is marked with a “N” you will need to bring proof of your birthdate. The best way is via passport or birth certificate. Please bring a copy of either with you to the TOURNAMENT with your USA Fencing membership card. A clear copy or a photograph on your phone is considered acceptable. Fencing Time, the software that we run our tournament with, will alert us if your birthdate is not verified when you try to sign in. We will then need to see your birthdate verification so we can manually sign you in. We will also send your birthdate verification back to the USA Fencing National Office so they can record your birthdate as verified in their records, and eventually it should appear on your membership card that you are birthdate verified. Please help us move you quickly through the registration line by having all your credentials in order! Thank you!

Event Fee Info

Our event fees this year are higher than normal by $5 per event to help offset the expense of renting a larger space than usual for the event. We have done this for your safety as well as the safety of the tournament staff. We hope you understand the reasoning for adding the extra $5 to each event. In the event that this causes a financial hardship for anyone, please reach out and we will do our best to help.

Officials/Referee Info

Referees: If interested in a reffing position, please email our head ref at

Transportation Details

**COVID-19 Guidance from USA Fencing:** GUIDELINES FOR INDIVIDUALS Adhere to applicable federal, state and local guidelines before, during and after participating in a tournament or club activity. And: BEFORE COMPETITION • Self-monitor and be symptom free for at least 14 days prior to attending any tournament (See USOPC Self-Monitoring Instructions, below). • Stay home if you have had close sustained contact in last 14 days with anyone who was sick or known or believed to have COVID-19. • Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well. • Provide a note from doctor stating that you are cleared to participate in and/or work a fencing competition if you have had a case of COVID-19. • Wash and sanitize your hands often. • Wash and sanitize all fencing equipment prior to your arrival at the competition venue. Consult the manufacturer for proper cleaning instructions to avoid possible damage to your equipment. • Avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth with unclean hands. • Practice social distancing where appropriate. • Wear a face mask to reduce exposure to airborne contaminated particles and reduce exposure to others. • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze. DURING COMPETITION • Refrain from attending any activity if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. • Comply with all safety measures applicable to or prescribed by the tournament organizer. • Athletes should consider bringing multiple face masks with them for use at tournaments, in the event that one mask gets dirty or becomes soiled. • Come to the tournament already dressed in freshly washed clothing. Clothing should be suitable for public display and, if competing, to wear under fencing uniforms, such that uniforms can be put on at the venue without the need for private changing rooms. Uniforms should be taken home and washed after practice, not left in the venue. • During Phase 3, do not share equipment such as weapons, body cords, fencing masks, gloves or uniforms, with others. During Phase 4 – share weapons and body cords only after disinfecting and disinfect it again before it is returned. Do not share masks, gloves or uniforms. **• Athletes should refrain from shouting and/or screaming after scoring a touch.** • Wear a surgical or cloth mask covering nose and mouth, even under fencing masks. • Practice social distancing as directed and to the extent possible. • Wash and sanitize your hands often. • Avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth with unclean hands. • Refrain from contacting other participants and attendees (handshakes, body contact, etc.). • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze. • Bring and use hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes. • Bring your own water, snacks, energy bars, etc. to the venue. Food and beverages should not be shared between individuals. AFTER COMPETITION • Wash and sanitize your hands often. • Do not touch your face, eyes or mouth with unclean hands. • Monitor your health and report any symptoms. • Practice social distancing. • Wear a face mask when possible to reduce exposure to airborne contaminated particles. • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze. • Wash and sanitize all gear, uniforms and apparel used during the activity.

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    Friday, November 6

    Junior Women’s Epee (JNRWE)
    4:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 44 Entrants 48
    48 Official Competitors
    8 Open Spots
    Junior Women’s Foil (JNRWF)
    4:15pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 34 Entrants 40
    40 Official Competitors
    15 Open Spots

    Saturday, November 7

    Cadet Men’s Foil (CDTMF)
    7:30am Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 39 Entrants 47
    47 Official Competitors
    22 Open Spots
    Cadet Women’s Epee (CDTWE)
    7:45am Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 31 Entrants 40
    40 Official Competitors
    2 Open Spots
    Cadet Men’s Epee (CDTME)
    12:30pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 42 Entrants 46
    46 Official Competitors
    10 Open Spots
    Cadet Women’s Foil (CDTWF)
    12:45pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 38 Entrants 43
    43 Official Competitors
    13 Open Spots
    Cadet Men’s Saber (CDTMS)
    5:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 51 Entrants 55
    55 Official Competitors
    1 Open Spots
    Cadet Women’s Saber (CDTWS)
    5:15pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 54 Entrants 55
    55 Official Competitors
    1 Open Spots

    Sunday, November 8

    Junior Men’s Foil (JNRMF)
    7:30am Close of Registration
    Possible A4
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 63 Entrants 73
    73 Official Competitors
    44 Open Spots
    Junior Men’s Epee (JNRME)
    12:30pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 57 Entrants 63
    63 Official Competitors
    55 Open Spots
    Junior Men’s Saber (JNRMS)
    5:00pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
    This event has a registration cap in place.
    Results 54 Entrants 60
    60 Official Competitors
    3 Open Spots
    Junior Women’s Saber (JNRWS)
    5:15pm Close of Registration
    Possible A2
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    Results 39 Entrants 42
    42 Official Competitors
    0 Open Spots
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